How to print thermal labels?

Thermal printing is a great solution for printing labels, thermal printing devices are known as fiscal printers, which facilitate work mainly in grocery stores, warehouses, and will also work at home. Thermal printing does not require the printer's owner to buy additional ink, toner or ribbon. The printout takes place when the head comes into contact with the thermal paper, so we only need a roll with labels.

To print a label in a thermal printer, place the roll of labels in the printer. The automatic paper positioning function and automatic temperature control ensure a longer life of the printer and, importantly, uninterrupted operation for over 12 hours a day. Check the thermal printer available in our store.

Direct thermal label printer

Thermal labels, although cheap, often wear out very quickly, especially if the printer is used in a grocery store as a device for printing receipts, so it is worth looking at the replacement offer and also see the manufacturer's wholesale offer. Below you will find labels for a thermal printer from our offer.

Direct thermal labels rolls

Can a logo or drawing be printed?
Thermal printers allow you to print images, but only in black, there will be no shades of gray in the image. Thermal printers were created mainly for printing labels, barcodes. Pictures and logos are not very popular printing on this type of device. The quality of printing text or barcodes is very high, but in the case of images we should use a different printer, of course if the printout is to be very precise.

What barcodes can be printed on a thermal printer?
All barcodes will print correctly, so you can print any barcodes. Printing can be both horizontal and vertical.

What program is needed for the label maker
A label editing program, usually a free version, is added to each label printer. It is worth emphasizing that the use of Word negatively affects the quality of the printout, you should use the appropriate program provided by the manufacturer.

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