What is the standard address label size?

Choosing labels can be tough. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to help you choose between the different types of raw materials from which labels are made and how to determine the right size for your printer. In following article, we will discuss everything about choosing an appropriate sticker label option with barcodes on them!

Previously, you might have assumed that all labels are the same. However, this is not true when it comes to identifying a specific use for your label purchase needs. For instance, if you’re in charge of labeling fish at a processing plant or manufacturing windows and doors with custom stickers as part of their assembly process then different types will be required than what someone who makes clothes would need (or even those making wine).

The most important consideration before purchasing self-adhesive labels is figuring out how they'll be used so knowing about processes taking place within an enterprise like storage methods and expectations from recipients on goods which require them play into considerations too!

Label size

The width, height, and order of dimensions are all important to take into account when designing for print. Consider how the equipment in your company will be used so that you don't end up with a label which can't go through any further processing.

Dymo labels are the most commonly used for labeling and packaging products. They come in a variety of standard sizes, from 28mm x 89mm to 39 mm x 139 mm with many quantities available including 100 per case or 5000 per roll.
The most popular size is 28mm x 89mm for standard address labels, you can buy our Compatible Dymo Labels here. 

Dymo Labels 99010

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