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fast printing

Fast printing

Our user-friendly, reliable and economical Label Printer ensure you easy print, costs reduce and portable

Label Maker GP-2024D can print crystal-clear 1D and 2D barcodes types, QR codes, text and pictures. Thermal printer is suitable for printing on labels: thermal paper, thermal label, adhesive thermal paper and more | The box does not contains any rolls 


Save your time with 2-5 inch (50mm/s-127mm/s) ultra-high speed and minimise waste by using of 26-118mm thermal paper width and the maximum print width of 104mm

Optimized position of the plug hole, making paper placement more convenient 

Automatic paper positioning function and automatic temperature control ensure you greater printer's longevity

Thermal printer that will save you money. Our printer does not require the use of transfer ribbons. Prints 1D and 2D labels, image and text.
Thanks to the use of thermal paper, you are able to print labels with a maximum width of 108mm. Thermal paper with dimensions of 20-118mm is suitable for the printer.

It has modular software - you can customize both the font, its boldness, underline, signs and logos. The printer is equipped with automatic paper positioning, which makes the work even easier.

It automatically controls the temperature, which significantly extends the life of the print head.

The printer can be used during logistic work, in warehouses, shops, health care, in retail, in offices or for marking postal parcels.



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How to print thermal labels?

Thermal printing is a great solution for printing labels, thermal printing devices are known as fiscal printers, which facilitate work mainly in grocery stores, warehouses, and will also work at home. Thermal printing does not require the printer's owner to buy additional ink, toner or label. The printout takes place when the head comes into contact with the thermal paper, so we only need a roll with labels.

To print a label in a thermal printer, place the roll of labels in the printer. The automatic paper positioning function and automatic temperature control ensure a longer life of the printer and, importantly, uninterrupted operation for over 12 hours a day. Check the thermal printer available in our store.

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New label printer GP-2024D - review

 If you have a stationary store or warehouse, you will need a printer for labeling packages. Our new GPrinter 2024d printer is a response to the needs of entrepreneurs who want to improve the work of their warehouse, send orders to their customers quickly and efficiently.

What is a thermal label printer

There are a lot of applications of thermal printers, thermal printers will prove themselves best when printing self-adhesive labels, most often in warehouses, in shops, they are used for marking food or parcels for shipment.


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