What is a thermal label printer

There are a lot of applications of thermal printers, thermal printers will prove themselves best when printing self-adhesive labels, most often in warehouses, in shops, they are used for marking food or parcels for shipment.

Operation of thermal printers
Thermal heaters are used to burn special paper, the thermo-active substance that is covered with the paper oxidizes under the influence of temperature, which causes black marks on the paper, thus creating a print, it is worth emphasizing that thermal printers print only in black colour. The printout on such a printer is created at a rapid pace, and the printer is extremely quiet during operation.

When choosing a thermal printer, it is worth paying attention to the following parameters:
Printing technology - if you only care about printing in black, you can choose a thermal printer, but if you are looking for a printer that will also allow you to print in color, this printer will not work, in this case you should choose a thermo-active printer that differs in specification. In a thermo-active printer, plain paper and colored tracing paper are used, the colored paper is pressed against the paper in the printing process, thus creating a printout.
Printer weight - thermal printers are usually used as portable equipment, so pay attention to its weight so that there is no problem with carrying it.

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Thermal label printer

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