New label printer GP-2024D - review

We are working on developing our offer, making available more and more various types of office, home and warehouse products - also those that are required when running our own business - required, which means that without them the work would become much harder, and sometimes impossible. If you have a stationary store or warehouse, you will need a printer for labeling packages. Our new GPrinter 2024d printer is a response to the needs of entrepreneurs who want to improve the work of their warehouse, send orders to their customers quickly and efficiently.

thermal printer - how it works?

The printer we propose is a thermal printer, which means that it prints directly by heating the thermoactive paper - under the influence of high temperature, the thermoactive substance in the paper oxidizes and burns black traces. This is a great solution, especially considering possible future expenses, the thermal printer uses neither toner nor ink, so we only have to buy thermoactive ribbons when we buy a printer - if you print a lot you can buy them in bulk so you get a really low price.

Advantages and disadvantages of thermal printing

Thermal printers have one drawback, the print fades over time, but if we print receipts or shipping labels, this should not be a problem, each of us encountered a faded receipt after a few months from purchase, currently the receipt is not needed to return the products, it is enough to print a confirmation from the payment card, so the fading issue is not as big a disadvantage as it was a few years ago. We can also decide to buy a thermal transfer printer, but it is much more expensive and, in our opinion, it will only work when we want to label boxes or food for more than a few months. So if you are interested in a printer that will improve shipping efficiency in your warehouse, then a thermal printer will be a great solution.

A short review of our new GP-2024d printer

We tested the GP-2024d printer and we can say one thing this printer is really very fast, in addition, the printed labels are clear, there is no problem with scanning the content of the label by the scanner. What do you think about this model? Have you used? Are you thinking about buying? Contact us in the comment section or by e-mail we will explain any doubts, so you will be able to easily decide if this particular model is right for you.

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