What is 3d printer filament?

Have you ever wondered how 3D printers work? Do they need ink or maybe toner? In order to print elements and construction details of systems and devices from scratch, 3D printers need filaments. And what are these 3D filaments? We will try to answer this question.

Filaments used in 3D printing are thermoplastics (so-called polymers) that melt instead of burning when heated. They can be shaped and when cooled, they solidify to form a printed object, layer by layer. Filaments are a material in the form of a line or wire. Sold in spools by weight. Polymers differ in terms of durability, strength, purpose, each of them comes in many colors. We offer transparent, white, black, gray, silver, red, blue, yellow, green 3d printer filaments.

What material is 3D filament?

There are many types of filaments with different properties that require printing at different temperatures. The most popular filament is PLA. The abbreviation PLA stands for polylactide, which is polylactic acid, well-known in chemistry and industry. It is a polymer obtained from plant materials - more specifically from fermented starch, the source of which can be, for example, cornmeal or cassava. You will find it in our offer. The Embrio 3D Printer Filament is available in a spool with a standard diameter of 1.75 mm. However, this filament is not suitable for items that need to be bent, twisted or impact resistant. PLA is a biodegradable material, therefore it is not suitable for use in an aquatic environment.
On the other hand, ABS filament is better suited for printing items that are frequently used, heated or dropped. Unfortunately, this material is an artificial polymer, and therefore intense toxic fumes are released during printing. It can be used for mechanical parts, especially if they are exposed to loads or require meshing with other parts, because it has better flexibility and temperature resistance than PLA filament. Examples of prints that use the properties of this material include phone cases, durable toys, tool holders, automotive components, and electrical enclosures.

The selection of a filament with appropriate properties is the basic condition for success in 3D printing. It is worth starting your adventure with 3D printing with PLA filament, which is the perfect filament for beginners and intermediate users, thanks to its versatility. In the Embriio offer you will find just such a filament. It is suitable for all types of FDM 3D printers and 3D pens, so you can create craft projects, models, DIY samples, arts and industrial design.

3D Printer Filament PLA

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