What is a mono laser printer?

What is monochrome printing? Basically it is black and white printing, a monochrome printer is a device on which color printing is impossible. Before buying a printer, it is worth considering what you will need it for. There are many printing devices available on the market, from inkjet to color laser or just monochrome. The biggest advantage of this type of printers is increased efficiency, and thus lower operating costs. Black toners come at much lower prices.

Should I choose a monochrome printer?

Monochrome printers are primarily the best solution for work, e.g. for the office, but also for home, if you print a lot of documents or work from home. We don't usually print in color, so why overpay and buy a color printer? As mentioned above, color printing is much more expensive, which significantly affects the cost of use. Of course, a monochrome printer is a laser printer.

In our opinion, monochrome printing is the best solution, before buying, think about how often you had a need to print something in color, we are sure that probably never or very rarely.

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