Why is printer ink so expensive

Original printer inks are a fairly large monthly expense - buying an inkjet printer at a low price unfortunately usually means high operating costs, i.e. expensive inks. Inkjet printers are usually sold by manufacturers at cost, often the manufacturer loses on the sale of printers - he has to invest in advertising, promotion of a given device, therefore cheap printer manufacturers try to make up for the losses by selling inks, if you have already bought a printer, you are forced to buy the right ink for it, you won't buy another printer. Thanks to this, a customer tempted by a cheap printer will not necessarily provide cheap printing. This approach can be compared to capsule coffee machines or razors, when buying a cheap coffee machine or razor, the manufacturer also reduces costs and earns money on capsules or razor blades in the case of razors.

Cheap way to print
The best way to save on consumables will be to buy replacements the inkjet cartridges. Printer manufacturers make it difficult to use unofficial cartridges, there are many companies on the market today that offer decent replacements that won't negatively impact your printer. Our offer includes replacements for most known inkjet printers, we also provide guarantees for our products, thanks to which we protect the customer against a possible ink problem, although our customers have no problem with the inability to print, but we guarantee the return or replacement of the ink. Importantly, the substitutes that you can find in our offer are fully filled, which allows for more printing than in the case of the original inks.

Replacements for printers allow you to save up to 85% of printing costs that would be incurred by buying original inks. So it's worth buying replacements from good and proven sources. Our company has been on the market for many years, a wide group of satisfied customers confirms the highest quality of our replacements.

Check our inkjet ink replacements. Enter the printer model in the search engine and find the appropriate ink for it.
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Laser printers and cheaper printing
If you print only in black, you should consider a laser printer, the toner that we put into laser printers is much more efficient than ink, does not dry out and lasts longer. So if you don't need a color printout, check out our Pantum P2200W printer here.



11:07 Thursday.25 February 2021

I have been buying only replacements for a long time, much cheaper and they print just as well. Good article.

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