Which printer is better laser or inkjet?

Printing devices work well mainly during work, most documents such as invoices, contracts must be printed and stored in paper form. Printing devices also work well if we have children at home and we want to print coloring pages.

Which printer to choose laser or inkjet?

Currently, the range of printers is so wide that it is difficult to decide which model will best for our needs, in our opinion, it is best to choose simple devices that meet our expectations, sometimes more functions may not be appropriate, it is better to choose a cheaper device that will fulfill our needs. exactly the functions we care about the most.

According to many people, laser printers are better than inkjet printers, we agree with this statement, printing is faster, consumables last longer and are often cheaper than inks.

The print speed is rated the highest in the case of laser printers, these devices are most often chosen for offices, where there is a high demand for black and white documents. Laser printers are faster than inkjet printers, at least when we compare printers from the same price range.

Costs of consumables
Printers can often be purchased at a fairly low price, taking into account such a printer, we should also verify the price of toner or ink to check that the cost of using the printer does not exceed our assumptions.
We can come across a situation where the printer costs £ 100, and the printer toner costs £ 200, which is why it is so important to verify both the price of the printer and the prices of toners or inks. Inkjet inks should be replaced more often, they can dry out, in the case of laser toners there is no such problem.

In our store, you will find the Pantum P2200W printer, at a low price, consumables for the printer cost only 45 pounds. The printer is easy to use, it will be an ideal proposition for work, for printing documents in black.

Pantum P2200W

It is worth adding that laser printers print much better quality documents than inkjet printers.

Advantages of laser printers

  • Print faster
  • Lower operating costs
  • Higher efficiency

Advantages of inkjet printers

  • Smaller dimensions
  • Lower price of the device
  • Cheap color printing

Disadvantages of laser printers

  • Color printing is not possible on basic monochrome models

Disadvantages of inkjet printers

  • High operating costs
  • Poor print quality
  • Loud device

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