Where to buy bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is a universal product that will work both when moving and in large transport companies, especially recommended for packing glass elements. It is a great protection during transport, protects against breakage, moisture and damage.

Air bubbles in the foil provide the best protection and shock absorption during transport. It is extremely light, which has a positive effect on transport costs - we will not pay more for shipping the package.

Bubble wrap and its application

Bubble wrap is most commonly used for
  • filling the space in large-sized packages - especially when the product cannot be secured in any other way due to its specificity.
  • securing fragile objects - such as glasses, plates, bubble wrap will perfectly protect glass elements
  • online order security - so that the customer feels that the manufacturer cares about the quality of the delivered package

If you are looking for bubble wrap, you can buy it in stationary stores or online. In our store you will find bubble wrap with dimensions of 500mm x 100m, this amount of bubble wrap is enough to pack several large packages.

Buy bubble wrap from Printing Saver:

Bubble wrapBubble wrap

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