How the barcode scanner works

A scanner, i.e. a barcode reader, is a device most often used to work in a warehouse or to scan goods in a store. It is a device thanks to which the computer recognizes the goods, very helpful in inventory, or placing the goods on shelves or preparing them for shipment to the customer.

The scanner has a laser diode, it emits laser light focused on the mirror, thus creating a beam that falls on the bar code. When using the device, be careful, eyes should not be exposed to light, and you must not attempt to repair the device yourself, especially when the device is turned on.

The laser beam hits the barcode, the light is reflected between the black bars of the code. The reflected light returns immediately to the scanner and hits the mirror in the device, the mirror directs the light to the photo detector located in the device on the motherboard.

Thanks to the use of a laser scanner, you can save a lot of time working in the warehouse, nowadays, with such a large number of articles in stores, working without a scanner is practically impossible. Can you imagine writing down all the barcodes by hand?

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Barcode scanner

The device from the Embriio brand has a bluetooth function, thanks to which you can connect to Android, iOS and Ipad, you can easily connect to any computer. You can scan 1D barcodes with our device, you can read codes from both paper labels and computer screens.

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