Which laser printer has the cheapest toner cartridge cost

When choosing a printer, we must first of all take into account what kind of work the printer will be needed for. You are probably wondering whether it is worth choosing a laser printer, or maybe an ink printer. If you are looking for a printer for the office or for printing more documents, a laser printer will be the perfect solution and we will focus on this type of printer in our article. We encourage you to read the following information.

Laser printers are usually more expensive than inkjet printers, and no wonder, operating costs are lower in the long run, so deciding to buy a laser printer, we can save a lot of money in the next years of their use, although the toners themselves are not the cheapest, their efficiency is much higher than with inkjet inks. Laser printers are best suited to a place where a large number of documents are printed. It is worth noting that the ink in the laser printer does not dry out, even when we do not use the printer regularly. The most important factor worth paying attention to is the speed of printing, if we print a large amount of materials every day, the printing speed should be the most important for us.

Laser printers with the lowest operating costs

Below you will find a list of laser printers with the lowest operating costs. We will suggest what toners are worth buying and what are their prices in our store. We sell printer toners replacements, therefore the prices will be really low and affordable for everyone. 


Monochrome printers with the lowest operating costs and the lowest purchase price

Monochrome printing - that is, black and white will work especially in an office, accounting office, or at home if we often print documents or invoices.

Pantum P2200W printer

Pantum P2200W

Compact, extremely fast mono printer capable of printing up to 22 pages per minute. Even market-leading laser printers can envy this speed. The printer has features such as WI-FI connectivity and the ability to print directly from the phone, just connect to the same WI-FI network. It has universal laser cartridges and an automatic sleep mode, thanks to which it is environmentally friendly and causes less noise pollution. It is Energy Star 2.0 certified. The printer costs just £ 69.99, and PG-217S toner for up to 1,000 pages costs just £ 39.90. Printing one page will cost you as little as 3p. Check available Pantum toners, or buy Pantum P2220W printer with toner for free here.

Pantum P3255DN printer

Pantum P3255DN

The Pantum P3255DN printer is a bit more expensive and less compact, its greatest advantage is the printing speed, this printer is extremely fast, it can print up to 33 pages in one minute. It has a built-in automatic two-sided printing function, thus you save paper. It will be perfect for the office, but also at home, if you work remotely and you often print a large number of documents, this model will be the perfect choice. Despite the larger size, we get really great equipment at a very low price. You will pay only £ 79.99 for the P3255DN printer, in our store you will also find toners for this printer, the cost of toner up to 89.99, but when you buy toner at this price, you get as much as 6,000 pages of print, each page will cost you only 1 pence. Buy Pantum P3255DN printer here.

Brother HL-1110E printer
The Brother HL1110E printer prints at 20 pages per minute, less than the Pantum but still very fast. The printer is small, it will fit perfectly into smaller interiors, such as a small office or apartment interior. The printer drum and toner need to be replaced. It is one of the most popular laser printers. You can buy the TN1050 toner replacement on our website for only £ 9.50, while the replacement drum for the HL-1110E printer can be purchased from us for just £ 10.59. Toner allows you to print up to a thousand pages, and the drum will last 10 thousand pages. You can also purchase a drum and toner set from us for only £15.89 - the best option. The cost of purchasing this printer is approximately £60. Check out the toner replacements for the HL1110E printer.


Laser printers with scanning and copying

Pantum 6800FWD

Print and copy at 30 pages per minute. The compact and stylish design is undoubtedly the biggest advantage of the Pantum 6800FWD printer. It also has a scanner and copier. It scans at 24 pages per minute and has an automatic document feeder. In addition to the basic functions, it has NFC connectivity, network connection and wireless connection. It can work in silent mode. This is, in our opinion, the best multifunction laser printer. Its price is quite low considering the number of features it has. Soon the printer will be available for sale on our website.


Samsung SL-M2070
In addition to the classic printout, the printer also offers the function of scanning and copying. The operation of the device is very simple, it is compact, so it will be perfect at home or in a small office. The device allows you to print in great quality, the printing is precise and durable. Print speed is 20 pages per minute. The MLTD111S toner replacement costs only £ 11.99 on our website. Check out our Compatible Samsung MLT-D111S Toner Cartridge page. The toner allows you to print a thousand pages and is compatible with the Samsung Xpress M2070 printer.  


Cheap color laser printers

Samsung SL-C430W
The Samsung SL-C430W color printer is a device that prints both in monochrome and in color. The printer will work well in office work, at home, but it will also be suitable for a graphic designer who needs to print every day or from time to time in color. Prints at 18 pages per minute in black and white and 4 pages per minute in color. In our store you will find replacements for the SL-C430W printer at a low price. The price of a single CLT-K404S toner is £ 17.90, you can also purchase a full color toner kit for just £ 49.90. Buying the set will save you £ 21! Check out our CLTK404S toner replacement.


HP M280NW Printer
It has a built-in duplex printing, which can be useful when printing a large number of documents and a limited amount of paper. Color printing is intense and durable. The printer costs around £ 300. Consumables for this model are quite expensive, but it is worth getting replacements, on our website you can buy toner at a discount for only £ 20.90, without a discount, the price is around £ 30. Our replacement allows you to print 3,000 pages. Check the Toner 203X Compatible Toner CF540X for the HP M2380nw Printer.


Cheap color printers with scan and copy functionality

DCP- L3550CDW printer
The cost of replacements for the BROTHER L3550CDW printer on our website is only £ 16.90. Our TN247 toner replacement allows you to print up to 1,000 pages in color or in black and white. Brother printer has a scan and copy function. It is one of the most advanced proposals in our ranking. The price of the printer, however, is quite high, although in our opinion this model is worth the price that the manufacturer set, we must also take into account the prices of multifunction color printers, the price of this printer is quite low compared to other models, and its quality is at the highest level. Our replacements will allow you to save money in later use. Check the Brother DCP-L3550CDW toner cartridges.

Perfect printers at a low price

To sum up, operating costs may be low even in the case of expensive laser printers, it is enough to skillfully select a proven replacement, the quality of which is confirmed by other customers. Check out our offer of toners for laser printers.

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