How do water filters work?

Water flows through a layer of activated carbon, which acts like a sponge and effectively traps harmful substances. All toxins such as chlorine and its derivatives as well as organic compounds are absorbed. As a result, we get clean water with a better taste, smell and color.

Which water filter to choose?

To purify tap water, an activated carbon filter installed on the tap or in the form of an overflow jug is enough. This type of water filter is a good solution if you only want good quality water for drinking, cooking or other drinks, such as coffee or tea. Pour tap water into a special container, which flows through the filter on the top of the jug and then flows into the jug when it is clean.
In addition to improving the taste of the water, the filter also guarantees its softening. Technological processes are more difficult in hard water. Hard water also causes limescale build-up. That is why it is worth getting a filter that will purify the water of calcium and magnesium compounds.
Our offer also includes jugs and water filters, because we know how important it is to drink healthy and clean water. We meet the expectations of customers who want to care for the environment and reduce the generation of plastic waste. If you want to purify tap water cheaply and effectively, see our offer of compatible Maxtra and Classic products. Water filter cartridges (connecting) are compatible with For Brita Maxtra and Dafi Unimax Jug Systems.

compatible brita maxtra filter cartridges

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