What is duplex printing?

What is duplex printing? or maybe what does duplex printing mean?
Every person who uses the printer on a regular basis has had to deal with the term "duplex printing". The basis of almost every printer is automatic two-sided printing, thanks to which printer manufacturers care for both the natural environment, their customers' wallets and the ease of printing. Thanks to automatic duplex printing, we can easily print a large number of documents without having to manually change the pages, thanks to which we save paper.

How exactly does duplex printing work?
After selecting the appropriate function in the printer, the ink is applied to the first side, then the sheet goes to the duplex, where it is turned to the other side, in the next stage the sheet passes through the printer again and the ink is applied to the other side. When both sides are printed, the paper goes to the output tray. Most printers nowadays have duplex, of course the printers are then more expensive, we can find non-duplex models at a lower price, so if you print sporadically you can choose the cheaper option, you can manually turn the page and print the other side, but it is cumbersome and less practical, so if you want to save paper, choose a printer with automatic duplex printing.

Check out Pantum P3010DW printer, the manufacturer focuses on the basic and most important functions such as automatic duplex, prints at a speed of 30 (A4) ppm. It is an extremely efficient device that will fulfill its functions both in the office and at home. In addition, the printer is distinguished by an extremely good design and low price, you can buy the printer for just 99 pounds, and the promotion price may drop by an additional 10% to 15%.

 Pantum printer

Why Choose Printers With Duplex Printing?
If you want to take care of the environment, you should know that duplex printing allows you to save paper, in addition, printing through automatic duplex printers will have a positive impact on your finances. Most importantly, it is convenient, automatic duplex printing works best in offices, but now, during the pandemic, the work of many offices has moved to the home, so if you work from home and printing a lot, choose a duplex printer.

Check out all Pantum models on our website, learn about their advantages and choose a printer ideally suited to your needs. Share your opinion with us, maybe others are also thinking about choosing this type of printer, and you already own it?


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