Thermal printer GP-1234d - review

Do you want to buy a thermal printer? Do you print labels and the printer that you have doesn't meet your expectations? Or maybe you are just opening a company and are looking for equipment to print thermal labels? Even if you need a printer for home use, check out our review of one of the Gprinter thermal printers.


What is thermal printing?
Before buying a printer, it is worth finding out what thermal printing is, thanks to which we will better understand the operation of the device and we will be able to assess whether the printer is worth the price. Thermal printing uses the temperature to print the label, the print is created when the appropriate temperature is exceeded, which is produced by the thermal head. you don't need to replace the inks and toners in these printer, the only operating cost will be thermal paper - it is a really cheap printing option, compared to standard printers, thermal models will save you a lot of money. Thermal printing is also highly resistant to the sun and water, which is why they are best suited for printing address labels, marking packages, marking box diets and many others.


GPrinter 1324D
The printer doesn't require the use of transfer tapes. Prints 1D and 2D labels, image and text. Thanks to the use of thermal paper, you can print labels with a maximum width of 108mm. We tested the printer for 3 months, it worked smoothly all the time and most importantly, it prints really fast. You can watch a demo video of our tests below.



The printer uses thermal paper with dimensions of 20-118mm. In addition to speed and reliability, it looks very professional, fits perfectly into the office, you can also put it on the desk if you work from home. Modular software - you can customize both the font, bold, underline, characters and logo. The printer is equipped with automatic paper positioning. In our opinion, the most important feature is automatic temperature control, thanks to which the life of the print head is significantly extended
The printer can be used during logistic works, in warehouses, also in shops, for food packaging, in health care, in retail, in offices and for marking postal items.

Check the printer specifications.


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