Duplex printing. Guide

Duplex printing is an eco-friendly solution that many people don't know about. Double-sided printing means we save paper and, as the name suggests, print on both sides of the page. This can be accessed through your printer settings.This is a module which turns over pages halfway into their production (aka duplex).

Double-sided printing is a great feature for those who like to print on both sides of their pages. With the right printer, you can avoid wondering which side to put your paper on so that it is correctly printed. Before using this function make sure your printer has it. 

For those looking for a printer that prints on both sides, the duplex option is perfect. At times like these it's important to consider all your options and choose one that meets with what you need in terms of features as well as price because not every single printer out there can do everything!
In our opinion though after much research we think this particular model from Pantum might be just right - its sleek design makes printing easier than ever before. Separate toner cartridges and drums reduce waste. Box includes one thousand page cartridge with a 9,000-page drum unit (based on ISO 19752 standard) in it to give you all the capacity that an office printer needs!

Pantum duplex printing

CONNECTIVITY OPTIONS: Print wirelessly from your mobile devices using the Wi-Fi Hotspot | Mobile device printing with IOS and Android system

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